Robert Bowers  works & projects

Film found on a dusty track in Cuba and 3 of 84 war orphaned children in a big group photo, very sad and afraid.
Film found on a dusty track in Cuba, torn, scratched, abraided and yet still a photograph and so we look for a picture in these remnants of "reality"

Sad Boy 2016

Found film, Jibacoa, Cuba, 2016

The works in this ongoing project are about the roots and consequences of war.  The found group photograph of 84 orphaned children came without details about its origin but is likely WWI, England or Canada.  The film strip was found in Jibacoa, Cuba in March 2016 on a dusty dirt track.  Those "images" are at the top of this page. 

Sad girl, orphaned, and found film lasking a discernable image
Found film and sad boy, layered

Sad Girl 2016

Sad Children 2016