Robert Bowers  works & projects

Sections of 35mm film found on a dusty track in Jibacoa, Cuba

Sad Children 2016

Found film frames, Jibacoa, Cuba, 2016

Sad early 20th C. orphaned children layered with film frame found on a dusty track in Jibacoa, Cuba

These sad children are from a large group photo of 84 orphans made during or just after the the First World War in Canada or perhaps England.  Parts of it came together with a bit of film that I found on a dusty track one day in March of this year in Jibacoa, Cuba.  The resulting works are not about Cuba.  They are about the images of inconsolable loss and fear.  This scrap of film, lacking  the recognizable images that comprise their only function, possess a compatible poignancy.  Photographs have become a record of our identities, for better or worse.  They are among the first possessions we seek to recover after a disaster.  A small "X" was marked on the photograph beside one of the children and repeated on the back with the words "This is me." 

Sad Girl 2016

Very sad war orphaned boy, early 20th C., Canada layered with found film from Cuba

Sad Boy 2016